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Protein Dynamix™ Green Tea Extract provides an unprecedented supply of health supporting polyphenols including the powerful antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).
Made from the purest and most premium grade extract, this market-leading supplement offers a number of health promoting benefits including improved energy, vitality and fat burning potential. Our Green Tea Extract is made up of an impressive 95% polyphenol content, proven to provide powerful antioxidant activity. One of the most revered polyphenols is EGCG, which is known to be far superior to other popular antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. As the compound experts believe to be responsible for the positive effects of green tea, our premium Green Tea Extract contains an incredible 45% EGCG content.
Antioxidants help the body reduce the active levels and negative effects of free radicals, which can damage body cells and cause degenerative health conditions. Free radicals come from a variety of pollutants such as diet, stress and the environment we live in. Whilst some of these free radicals are avoidable, the body is in a constant battle to reduce them. Unfortunately, physical exercise can also produce free radicals such as lactic acid, which is why it is important for the active population to have a strong and effective antioxidant plan, which is where Green Tea Extract fits in perfectly. In addition to the unrivalled antioxidant profile, Green Tea Extract also provides great potential for increasing the body’s metabolism and ultimately making it a more effective fat burning machine.
By increasing your overall metabolic rate, Green Tea Extract can be used in combination with exercise to assist your fat loss and body shape goals and help you #BeYourBest

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