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Protein Dynamix™ Caffeine is an advanced formulation combining Caffeine Anhydrous and Vitamins B6 and B2 which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Caffeine is one of the most popular ergogenic supplements in sports nutrition. It is revered for its positive effects on sports performance and is one of very few ingredients used universally by athletes in all sports. Specifically, Caffeine has been shown to enhance performance in sustained high intensity exercise, strength and power training and any activity that requires intermittent bursts of effort.
The exclusive Dynamix B-Vit Blend further boosts the power of Caffeine with a unique combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. This potent blend helps promote normal mental and psychological function as well as supporting the normal performance of the nervous system. Not only does this promote focus during exercise, but it also allows proper connection between the brain and muscle contributing to prolonged performance.
In addition to its powerful performance enhancing properties, Caffeine is also a popular supplement amongst those looking to lose weight. Research suggests caffeine can increase the movement of stored fats into the bloodstream thereby making them available during strenuous exercise for energy. This makes the body more efficient at burning body fat for energy thus promoting greater fat loss.
Caffeine is a must for anyone looking to enhance their exercise performance, maintain mental focus and reduce body fat. Designed with your goals in mind, we want you to #BeYourBest

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