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The Hype Cable EZ Curl Bar’s angled design provides maximum biceps and triceps contraction. Providing one the quickest ways to increase upper arm muscle mass, improving muscle strength and definition. Hype Cable EZ Curl Bar is a popular choice for athletes and bodybuilders. Isolating and intensify muscle growth and development, working the Bicep and Forearm muscles. The Hype Cable EZ Curl Bar is a useful attachment for cable Machines, designed for bicep curls and reverse curls on a cable machine. A high quality and durable Cable Curl Bar suitable for intense training sessions.Hype’s Cable EZ Curl Bar provides additional support - Featuring an angled design, specifically to eliminate stress on the wrists and elbows. Delivering improved comfort and control.
The Hype Cable EZ Curl Bar allows close-grip or wide-grip curls and tricep press downs, with flawless control and balance. Perfect to help you build maintain lean muscle mass.  

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