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CNP Professional Pro Recover is a delicious, post workout shake which has been made with the highest quality ingredients to help you get the best benefits.
This product delivers 23g of protein per serving which helps with delivering key essential amino acids which will help with protein synthesis.
It also provides you with 46g of low glycaemic carbohydrates to ensure fast absorption. Carbohydrates help with sustained energy release and restore glycogen levels that are lost during training.
CNP Pro Recover is an effective recovery supplement that can be used pre or post workout and comes in a range of delicious flavours.
The post shake window is very small and recovery is vital for our muscle. We must get carbohydrates to help restore glycogen levels and aminos to start protein synthesis.
When we train, our muscles are being broken down and micro fibres are wasting away. Essential amino acids help prevent this as they have anti-catabolic properties.
Vitamin C has been added CNP Pro Recover. This is a powerful anti-oxidant. It can help with maintaining connective tissues including bones, blood vessels and skin.
Don’t forget, recovery is very important. You must supply the muscles with nutrients they need and replenish anything that was lost during training.
CNP Pro Recover comes in three delicious flavours. These include – Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.
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