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What is CNP Pro Creatine MegaCap?Within the sports nutrition industry, creatine has been subjected to in-depth research over the course of several decades. As such, its earned status in terms of efficacy; its been shown to sustain muscle power output and improve endurance, making it gold dust for anyone whos serious about their training. CNP Pro Creatine MegaCap is a highly concentrated form of creatine monohydrate, providing a 1,000mg dose per capsule for extra ease of use. CNP are a trusted lifestyle branded, grounded in science, and developed using the very best ingredients. With expertise at their core, they aim to help active individuals achieve results whatever their fitness pursuits. Pro Creatine MegaCap is a steadfast supplement for weight trainers and endurance athletes alike. Essentially, creatine (monohydrate) plays a crucial role in regenerating adenosine triphosphate, or ATP also referred to as the bodys energy currency. ATP is required for a multitude of biochemical reactions, including muscular contractions; creatine is naturally synthesised by the body, enabling this to happen. During intense training, muscle stores of creatine deplete rapidly, lending to fatigue. By supplementing creatine, muscle stores are replenished and ATP is recycled, which means a notable improvement to athleticism. Pro Creatine MegaCap allows you to top-up your creatine levels efficiently and conveniently, with a delayed-release capsule format. Consequently, you can maximise your productivity in the gym, on the track etc. Whats makes its formula special?|| Each serving delivers a powerful measure of creatine monohydrate, designed to bolster your performance by improving staying power and overall, physical capabilities. || Based on creatine monohydrate a highly researched form of the ever popular supplement.|| Each capsule provides 1,000mg of creatine with timed-release technology. || Ease of use, plus high-potency. How can CNP Pro Creatine MegaCap help me reach my goals?Whatever your objectives, strength and stamina play an important role in your physical progression. Creatine helps you to achieve that bit extra from your workouts and fulfil your true, athletic potential. With Pro Creatine MegaCap, you have a concentrated, trustworthy creatine product at your fingertips, that will enable you to gain maximum benefit from your training.Up to 5,000mg daily (or a customised dose, depending on body composition and targets) is said to be optimal. Lift heavier for longer; run the distance and raise the bar with CNP Pro Creatine MegaCap.Who is CNP Pro Creatine MegaCap suitable for?|| All types of active individuals: bodybuilders, resistance trainers, sports men and women, endurance athletes and everything in between.|| Those looking for a quality creatine supplement to compliment their regime.

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