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What is BSN Syntha-6 Edge?Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, which is why its importance is recognised by those who train regularly. Syntha-6 Edge is a high quality protein powder with an unrivalled taste; it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, to help you meet your fitness goals. As a brand, BSN is renowned for its unique flavour technology, and Syntha-6 Edge is no exception. It tastes just as incredible as its predecessor Syntha-6 but with a refined formulation, and an improved macronutrient profile that surpasses the original! This makes supplementing protein so effortlessly enjoyable! Whats makes its formula special?|| Syntha-6 Edge contains an ultra-premium protein matrix, delivering 24g of high quality, muscle-building protein per serving!|| Ideal for post-workout consumption, but can be used at any time of the day. || Available in a range of delicious flavours!|| Easy to mix and prepare (zero clumping!).|| Low in sugar/carbohydrates.How can Syntha-6 Edge help me reach my goals?During exercise, our muscles are subjected to microscopic tears an effect thats completely normal and healthy. Over time, this actually leads to an increase in muscle cell volume and mass. However, this is where the role of protein comes in, as it assists the repair process. Essentially, it provides the raw materials required for muscle development otherwise known as amino acids; these are sometimes referred to as the building blocks of protein.Whey is celebrated for its rapid rate of absorption and high biological value (BV). Syntha-6 Edge delivers a key blend of whey protein concentrate, isolates and hydrolysates, along with micellar casein, to allow a staged-release of aminos which is conductive to your recovery.Who is Syntha-6 suitable for?|| Bodybuilders looking to pack on mass, but avoid fat gain.|| Just about anyone else who is invested in their health and fitness whatever your activity of choice!

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