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What is the Bounty Protein Bar?
In 2016, high-protein versions of classic Snickers and Mars Bars were introduced, proving to be a surefire hit. Adding to this list of the nations favourite not-so-naughty treats is the Bounty Protein Bar. With all the familiar texture and exotic flavour of the original, you can now enjoy a Bounty Bar whilst supporting your training progress. The Bounty Protein Bar contains 19g of quality protein from milk and whey sources, to boost muscle recovery, post-workout. This upgraded version is more nutritionally balanced, so now, you can have your Bounty and eat it minus the guilt!What makes its formula special?|| Each 51g bar contains a blend of quality milk and whey protein to assist muscle growth and repair.|| With all the recognisable, decadent flavour and texture of the original Bounty Bar.|| Ideal for post-workout consumption, or as a protein-loaded treat. || Multi-packs allow you to plan your snacks/treats according to your lifestyle. How can the Muscle Bounty Protein Bar help me reach my goals?A little bit of what you fancy does you good is an adage worth remembering! Experts in fitness and nutrition often recommend the 80/20 rule; essentially, this means that you should aim to eat for the physique you want, 80% of the time. Choosing nourishing real foods for the most part allows you to indulge on occasion, without jeopardising your preceding efforts. With the Bounty Protein Bar, youre going one step further. Opting for a protein-rich treat allows you to satiate your cravings and feed your working muscles in one; its applied damage control! Who is the Bounty Protein Bar suitable for?|| All types of fitness enthusiasts looking for a more balanced version of their favourite treat.|| Chocolate lovers!

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