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The Protein Works TPW™ 100% WHEY ADVANCED £18.99 Buy Now

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THE PROTEIN WORKS™ 100% Whey Advanced Formula is an innovative, amino dense, premium whey protein powder blend designed and produced to release protein and amino acids to the muscles. Furthermore, whilst whey protein naturally has a good amino acid profile, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ 100% Advanced has been enhanced with iBCAA’s and glutamine, both amino acids have been shown to directly help improve muscular growth and repair, as well as support the immune system during periods of intense training. THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Advanced Formula is lower in fat and carbohydrates than whey protein concentrate alone. Also containing Digezyme®, the very latest digestive enzyme technology, to ensure the entire whey protein shake is efficiently absorbed by the body and used for maximum muscle repair and development. Click on the Product to see full information for your absolute peace of mind.

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