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Kaged Muscle RE-Kaged is a popular whey protein that’s suitable for both men and women who follow some form of weight management or training plan.
It is made up of high quality whey protein, while being low in carbohydrates and contain very few calories, essential for anyone trying to hit their dieting goals.
Kaged Muscle RE-Kaged offers a whey protein isolate. This is the faster acting whey protein than the other two meaning it will get to work faster.
BCAA’s which are also known as branch chain amino acids are also included. These include L-Leucine, Iso-Leucine and L-Valine. These are very important as they are essential within a diet.
Each serving provides you with 7g of Glutamine, 28g of whey protein and only 3g Sugars. You also receive 1.5g of Creatine and Beta Alanine.
It is fast acting so can be taken before a work out or straight after a work out as a post workout shake. It will help flood nutrients to muscles to help with recovery.
Each tub you will be able to get 20 servings and each serving size is 47g which is one serving scoop.
The two flavours available for this supplement are Strawberry Lemonade and Orange.

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