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Product Overview
The Hype Regular Plate Rack is a sturdy weight rack, perfect to store your regular plates. Designed to keep them organised, maximising floor space.  Hype’s Regular Plate Rack offers a safe way to pick up and put down weights without damage. And is suitable for gym or home use.The Hype Regular Plate Rack conveniently stores all your weights in one place. Giving you easy access to the weights you require. Whether it be floor exercises, or bench training.Loose training weights not only reduce floor space, but can also cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Or risks weight being knocked into and damaging other gym equipment. And can also help to prevent floor damage. Weight lifting provides a simple and convenient way to build muscle and improve fitness levels and the Hype Regular Plate Rack is perfect to keep your weights close to hand. Hype’s Regular Plate Rack also provides a useful welded vertical tube to store your standard weight bar in, when not in use - Creating an all in one storage solution… What more could you need!The Hype Regular Plate Rack is built to last and features a robust design.  Providing a useful weight storage solution, designed to keep your floor clear and training areas tidy.  
Dimensions: 60 (length) x 35 (width) x 90 (high) cm
When Best To Take The Product
Keep your weights organised, tidy and safe.

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