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CNP Professional Pro Mass is a high calorie weight gainer. It has been designed with the best ingredients making sure calories come from good sources.
This product delivers 394 calories per serving which help add extra calories into your diet without eating food. It will put you one step closer to a calorie surplus.
It is made up of whey protein concentrate. This is possibly the best protein as it contains the highest protein percentage and contains the most benefits from whey protein.
Protein is the key building block for muscle growth and protein synthesis. CNP Pro Mass delivers 35g of protein per serving which delivers key essential amino acids.
CNP Professional Pro Mass contains Maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source. This is a fast acting carbohydrate and is digested very fast. This helps restore glycogen levels after training and will help with sustained energy release.
It is low in sugar so the calories come from good sources and not bad sugary sources. This helps keep calories down slightly and helps add lean weight.
Also, it has balanced nutrition, meaning it will be equally as effective if you take it post workout, morning or pre bedtime shake.
CNP Professional Pro Mass can be mixed with water or can be mixed with milk for extra calories. You can also add it to any natural yogurt and add apples, almonds and honey. It’s the perfect breakfast shake.
If you’re a hard gainer looking to add good mass without any bad fasts and sugars, then grab you tub of this. It will be perfect for you to reach your goals.

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