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CNP Professional Pro Flapjack is a delicious high quality protein flapjack that has been designed to help boost energy levels and protein intake.
This product is ideal to take on the go and between training sessions and workouts. It is filled with energy due to the carbohydrate content.
Also, it is a great snack for the health conscious, providing up to 18g protein per bar which helps deliver amino acids to your muscles.
Additionally, it delivers 38g of carbohydrates that are sourced from oats which are a low GI carbohydrate meaning it has no effect on blood sugar. It will also help the release of sustained energy.
CNP Professional Pro Flapjack is a convenient and nutritiously balanced snack that can be taken any time of the day. It is perfect to keep on top of your protein intake.
These are delicious high protein oat bars, helping people with an active lifestyle avoid sugary and fatty ‘quick fix’ snacks, designed to provide a longer lasting effect, with no nasty sugar crash later in the day.
These bars are high protein snacks that easily fit into pockets, bags and car glove compartments; perfect to keep close to hand, ready for when you need it.

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