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Adapt Nutrition GH Assist contains a form of Choline. This is a strong basic compound that is important within the synthesis and transport of lipids in the human body.
Choline in is made in the Liver. It is also found in muscle meats, fish, nuts and peas etc. Athletes use Choline to help delay fatigue in endurance sports.
Adapt Nutrition GH Assist may help with maintaining neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. It uses an advanced form of Choline, which is used by the body to manufacture acetylcholine.This is the transmitter substance at many nerve, synapses and at the motor end plate of vertebrate muscles. Choline is an essential nutrient. It is only recently been discovered to be beneficial to our body. It is neither classed as a vitamin nor a mineral. Choline is often grouped with vitamin B complex due to the having the same properties and functions.
Choline deficiency may cause harm, especially in the liver. This is why Adapt Nutrition GH Assist may help with hitting daily requirements.

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