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Promax Extreme is a competition-level protein supplement for professional training and athletes. It’s used as part of a structured regime of intense exercise and nutrition to drive effective recovery and support muscle growth.Each serving is packed with 23g of easily digested BioMAX whey protein to assist muscle recovery and growth. Our protein blend naturally contains glutamine and BCAAs. It also contains MaxPURE creatine to boost high-intensity power production. We add our Max ZMA blend, which contains zinc to target a normal testosterone balance. Promax Extreme is an effective way to feed your body with the key nutrients it needs to perform and recover. Each serving is packed with 23g of BioMAX protein. This is a proprietary blend of high quality whey proteins that are easily absorbed by the body to support muscle growth and recovery. MaxPURE creatineTwo servings provide the high quality creatine scientifically proven to increase power during high-intensity training.

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