Maxifuel Electro Tabs Lemon Tube 15 x 4.5g


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These Zesty Lemon flavoured Maxifuel Viper Electro Tablets are a convenient and refreshing way to replace the body salts lost in sweat during exercise, without the extra calories and carbs normally present in sports drinks. Each Maxifuel electrolyte tablet dissolves instantly in water to make up a zesty lemon flavour drink, perfect before or during short training sessions such as a light jog, short cycle or weights session in the gym whereby additional carbohydrate may not be needed to fuel performance. These zesty lemon Viper Electro Tablets contains a blend of five different electrolytes; sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride - to help replace what is lost during intense exercise. Minerals such as potassium and calcium also contribute towards normal muscle function and energy production; particularly important to support exercise during any training session or sports event.

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