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My Endurance Train Sustain is an effective performance boosting drink. Designed to be taken during training, raising energy levels and increasing stamina – Helping to maximise training performance.
The My Endurance Train Sustain formula provides hardworking muscles with quality Carbohydrates. Delivering 41g Carbohydrates per serving designed to fuel muscles with energy, powering you through the toughest of training sessions.
While high strength BCAAs including; 250mg L-Isoleucine, 250mg L-Leucine and 200mg L-Valine are delivered, alongside 500mg L-Glutamine. Which are key to muscle health and improve muscle recovery.
This mix of BCAAs is formulated to reduce muscle fatigue and helping you need to achieve your training goals. And an innovative ‘Electrolyte Blend’ has also been added to provide maximum hydration.
And 500mg Green Tea Extras is used to deliver added anti-oxidants, helping to improve immunity and overall health.
My Endurance Train Sustain formula has been packed full of quality ingredients. Perfect to help increase energy levels and aid muscle recovery… Everything you need to help you achieve training and workout goals.
Available in mouth-watering Ice Lemon or Summer Fruits flavour. Ideal to use as an intra-workout supplement.
Train Sustain has been designed with any endurance athlete or anyone looking to get that extra push at the gym in mind.

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