Importance of Glutamine

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The key amino acid for all endurance athletes seeking faster recovery and peak Health
Whatever your level of endurance sport and whether you're into fitness, marathons, triathlons or have a dream of Olympic Gold, you don't need telling exercise can be both exhilarating and extremely tough. One potential downside to endurance exercise is weakened immunity, leaving you unable to train or perform with maximum intensity. However, with the power of nutrition it's possible to combat the stress of exercise and get back in peak condition fast, even after gruelling events like the London Marathon. Over the past decade, the amino acid glutamine has become one of the number one sports fuel nutrients for serious athletes looking to support well being and endurance performance. Take a look at how it can help you stay in peak condition:

Glutamine fact file:
L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in food including meat and is essential for tissue healing and immune function. Although you can get glutamine from a healthy diet and the body can make glutamine from other amino acids, experts suggest that intense exercise greatly increases the body's need for glutamine and exceeds its capacity to generate optimal amounts of the nutrient.

Glutamine - the key to endurance recovery and immune health?

If you've ever gone through a gruelling training schedule, run a marathon or really over-exerted yourself playing sport, you've probably found yourself developing a cold or feeling low on energy. Low glutamine levels could be the culprit, because the nutrient is essential for a healthy immune system.

Back in 1992 experts confirmed the importance of glutamine, reporting that a decrease in plasma glutamine following endurance exercise created an increased susceptibility to catching a common cold or infection.

However, what every athlete really wants to know is can boosting glutamine intake actually help you combat the stress of exercise? The research is now stacking-up to suggest yes: In 1996, researchers looked at the incidence of infections in 200 runners and rowers undertaking prolonged strenuous exercise, the type of exercise that's linked to a reduced defence against infections after exercise:

  • 5g glutamine after strenuous exercise increased plasma glutamine levels markedly with levels returning to near normal about 2 hours after ingestion.
  • Athletes reported fewer incidences of infection within 7 days of intense, exhaustive and prolonged exercise after taking glutamine.
  • 80% of those in the group ingesting glutamine reported no infections or colds compared to only 48% in the control group drinking a carbohydrate drink, a staggering 32% difference.

The study suggests that taking glutamine after intense, prolonged exercise and then again two hours later, may decrease the risk of infection in athletes. Simply put, glutamine could literally be the key nutrient to help you stay in peak condition, however tough you training gets.

Fight back with Glutamine and stay in peak condition

Many Maxifuel products have been created to help support optimal glutamine levels, in hard training athletes. Follow this simple strategy to support your health and well being - train hard all year long:


Fuel your training and events with a quality carbohydrate formula (Viper Active or Viper Boost gels, bars and drinks). When carbohydrate levels are increased prior to exercise and replenished during and after exercise, you'll help to maintain glutamine concentrations. For extra support, drink a carbohydrate drink containing Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), like Viper Active. BCAAs can be converted to glutamine in the muscle and released into the blood.


Continue to sip a high quality carbohydrate and BCAA drink throughout exercise, such as Viper Active.


Consume a high-quality recovery drink containing protein, glutamine, BCAAs and carbohydrates. Recovermax has been formulated to maximise endurance recovery when drunk within 20 minutes of exercise and contains 5g of pure glutamine.

2 hours later:

For optimal glutamine support, drink a serving of Protrient whey protein (with added glutamine) with a carbohydrate rich meal. All-round nutrition is essential to optimise your endurance sports performance. However, by combining a balanced diet with the power of glutamine - you'll benefit from form a research proven edge. Stay in peak condition!

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