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Animal Omega is an essential fatty acid supplement.This product is made with key Omega 6 oils, including; borage, evening primrose, sesamin, and CLA. Linoleic acid is the other essential fatty acid found in nature.
As said before, lack of n-6 in ones diet is hard to come by. However, there is a specific form of n-6, gamma linoneic acid or GLA, that is crucial for health.
This is contained in ample doses in Omega. The body uses n-6 essential fatty acids to make various prostaglandins and leukotrienes.*Another n-6 found in Animal Omega is CLA. CLA, is touted for its ability to reduce body fat, being anti-catabolic, acting as an antioxidant and enhancing the immune system.* CLA positively influences the metabolism and assists with fat regulation and protein metabolism.

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