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What is 5% Nutrition Crea-TEN?
Creatine is one of the most extensively researched supplements within the field of sports nutrition. Its been at the hands of dedicated names within the industry for decades and with good reason. Crea-TEN from 5% Nutrition is a special blend of varying creatine sources; its designed to optimise absorption into muscle cells, enhancing your workout performance.Synthesised naturally in the body, creatine works by helping to regenerate adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This is often referred to as the energy currency of the body, since its required for just about every biological process. Amidst a gruelling training session, muscle stores of creatine deplete rapidly, hindering your stamina and power output. Supplementing creatine works to replenish these muscle stores, feeding back into this cycle. Crea-TEN contains ten types of creatine hence its name to include the chelate form (MagnaPower), plus the steadfast monohydrate (Creapure).The pioneer of 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana, wanted to further hone the celebrated effects of creatine by adding an Accelerate Blend. This serves to enhance muscle function and nutrient uptake, complimenting the role of creatine; featured ingredients include taurine, betaine anhydrous and black pepper extract (BioPerine). Youll also come across chromium a nutrient thats been shown to assist energy metabolism; it contributes to insulin production and thus, the transportation of glucose to the bodys cells and blood glucose balance. This can positively influence fat-burning and muscle-building!Collectively, each blend is thought to drive muscle cell saturation for a prolonged period, helping you to squeeze the most out of each and every rep (or step)!What makes its formula special?|| Each scoop delivers a powerful blend of creatine in various forms, boosting potency. || With chromium to help stabilise blood glucose levels.|| Added ingredients work to enhance the absorption and muscle saturation of creatine. || Mixes instantly for convenient use. || Available in a range of superbly refreshing flavours.How can 5% Nutrition Crea-TEN help me reach my goals?When you take a creatine supplement, youre effectively topping up levels in your muscle cells; its like re-charging the batteries that enable you to operate at full force. Cre-TEN brings you a super-charged version, delivering the benefits of creatine in an easy-to-use, powder format. Who is 5% Nutrition Crea-TEN suitable for?|| All types of fitness enthusiasts; whether the aim is to lift heavier, or run/swim/cycle longer.|| Those looking for a quality creatine supplement to effectuate their progress.

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