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Protein Dynamix™ Instant Oats is a premium grade ultra fine, ground oat flour that provides a sustained supply of carbohydrates to support optimal energy levels throughout the day.
As a low GI (glycaemic index) rated complex carbohydrate, Instant Oats is digested slowly releasing its energy over a prolonged period of time. This makes Instant Oats the ideal carbohydrate source during the day as it does not create the insulin spike, and subsequent drop, associated with simple carbohydrates. Adequate carbohydrate intake also helps prevent protein from being used as energy. As protein is essential for muscle growth, diverting protein in to the blood stream as a source of fuel reduces your ability to build muscle tissue and can ultimately lead to catabolism (muscle wastage).
Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy and are required to ensure muscle glycogen levels are maintained for optimal physical performance. The body uses muscle glycogen as fuel to elicit muscular contractions and a number of crucial physiological processes. Much like a car without petrol, a body without carbohydrates simply will not function. No matter what sport you play or what exercise goal you have, carbohydrate provide the fuel your muscles need to work.
Protein Dynamix™ Instant Oats is a great way to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day. Ideal for use as a single ingredient or combined with your other sports supplements, you can use Instant Oats at your specific dose rates to boost your daily nutrition routine…all with the aim of helping you #BeYourBest.

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