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IdealLean Pre-Workout has been designed specifically for women who want to get the most out of their workouts. Whether you’re new to fitness and looking to get that extra energy boost you need or you’re a dedicated gym-goer looking to maximise results and take your training to the next level, our Pre-Workout has been formulated to suit your needs! Created especially for women, by women, IdealLean Pre-Workout features our unique blend of ingredients. Developed with Chromium and Green Tea Extract as a natural caffeine source and with just 2 calories per serving, our exclusive formula will enhance your workout, all whilst supporting your metabolism and blood sugar levels. So break through those training plateaus, get ready for better, faster results and get one step closer to achieving your ideal body.

Why IdealLean Pre-Workout? Achieving your fitness goals, whether that’s committing to attend a gym class three days a week or running a 10k five times a week, can be challenging, especially when trying to balance your day-to-day responsibilities. You may find yourself feeling tired or lacking focus, which can really have a negative impact on your workouts.

That’s where our IdealLean Pre-Workout comes in. Through the inclusion of our unique Vitamin B Blend, our Pre-Workout supports both the mental and the physical aspects of training, offering support for both your mood and energy levels to help to improve your overall workout experience.

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