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Here at IdealFit we understand the importance of fuelling all you females in fitness with the right nutrients you need to achieve your “Ideal”. Our IdealLean Protein has been specially formulated to benefit the FEMALE body! Whether you’re a fitness rookie or an aerobic addict, our protein is designed to maximise your workout routine with its high protein, low sugar and low fat formula. With 23 grams of whey protein isolate and just 100 calories per serving, IdealLean Protein is designed with YOU in mind. And because The IdealFit Family care about you and your goals, we have spent dedicated days, weeks and months formulating a protein that suits all you females of fitness out there! Its added vitamin blend, including vitamin D, Calcium and Biotin, also contributes to healthier looking skin and hair as well as supporting muscle function - perfect for the active female! Why IdealLean Protein? “This protein not only tastes amazing but it has helped me achieve my results. Chocolate Brownie is my favourite.” Unlike most protein shakes on the market, we use pure whey protein isolate that doesn’t contain unwanted fats and sugars. But why should you include this in your diet? Whey protein isolate provides your muscles with the high quality protein they need, allowing them to repair and get stronger after a workout. It is easily digested and can therefore be quickly absorbed and processed by your body, meaning the muscles can recover faster. Our IdealLean protein gives you the extra support and nutrition you need to reach your fitness goals.

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