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Nowfoods Branch Chain Amino Acid powder is a high quality amino acid formula that contains Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine.
Nowfoods Branch Chain Amino Acid contains essential amino acids. These are called essential because our body needs them but can’t be created so must be supplemented.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, helping to increase lean muscle mass - Making it great for gym users and for those who exercise regularly.  This also helps to support protein synthesis.
Leucine is classed as the main amino acid. This is because it can rapidly turn your body from a catabolic, muscle wasting state to an anabolic, muscle growing state.
Isoleucine is also part of the amino blend. This has the ability to induce muscle protein synthesis. However, it is not as strong as Valine.  It is used as fuel by muscle cells, sparing other amino acids from being burned up.
Valine is the third amino acid. Valine, an essential amino acid, has a stimulant effect. It is needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of a proper nitrogen balance in the body.  Valine can be used as an energy source by muscle tissue.
Amino Acids are very important as they prevent your body from breaking down muscle to be used for energy. This is why it is important to keep your body topped up on amino acids.
Nowfoods Branch Chain Amino Acid provides you with 2.5g of Leucine, 1.25g of IsoLeucine and 1.25g of Valine.
Nowfoods Branch Chain Amino Acid can be taken during a workout to help keep your body replenished of amino acids. It can also be taken throughout the day to help keep amino acids elevated throughout.
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