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Nowfoods Vitamin K is a high quality supplement that plays an important role in the synthesis of a number of blood coagulation factors.
Nowfoods Vitamin K is used to help with many aspects of health. The main function of Vitamin K is to modify proteins to give them the ability to bind calcium.
Nowfoods Vitamin K can help with Heart Disease, Bone Health, Dental Health and much more. It is a powerful vitamin that many people may not have heard off.
Nowfoods Vitamin K helps active protein binding on to proteins called Matrix GLA protein and Osteocalcin. This then helps with building and maintain bones.
Nowfoods Vitamin K is also produced in the gut bacteria through your large intestines. It is mainly found in animal foods or fermented foods.
Nowfoods Vitamin K is fat soluable. This means low fat and lean animal products don’t contain much Vitamin K.
Nowfoods Vitamin K is enhanced further when taken with Vitamin D. This is because the two vitamins have synergistic effects.
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