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The Hype Battle Rope Attachment is the perfect solution to anchor your battle ropes. Battle Ropes act as an effective training aid, providing a challenging cardio workout out.  Battle Ropes offers an intense form of exercise, working each arm independently to eliminate strength imbalances. The exercise and its intensity is self-scaled, making this a safe option for new athletes, as they are less likely to exceed their capabilities. The Hype Battle Rope Attachment provides the easy attachment of battle ropes. Designed to create an anchor point for rope training.Battle Ropes provide vigorous intensity during exercise and allows adjustable resistance to match your requirements. The amount of slack determines the load, moving away from the anchor point decreases exercise intensity, while stepping toward the anchor point increases it.The Hype Battle Ropes provides a challenging alternative to traditional cardio exercises. Improving fitness levels and increasing muscle build, helping to maximise performance results and improving strength gains.

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