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The Hype Revolving Straight Cable Bar is an effective cable attachment. Perfect to increase muscle build, tone physique and improve fitness levels and performance.Hype’s Revolving Straight Cable Bar can be used for a variety of activities, designed to improve upper body strength. The smooth, fluid centre provides constant and uninterrupted motion to maximise intensity and power. A Revolving Straight Bar is key for any weight training programme. Perfect to complete triceps pull downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, arm pullover, seated rows and much more!The Hype Revolving Straight Bar is to be used with a cable machine and features a rotating cable eyelet. Hype’s Revolving Straight Bar provides a simple and effective muscular workout, ideal to improve strength gains and fitness levels. This is a high quality Revolving Straight Bar, complete with a stylish Chrome finish. Designed to prevent rusting or chipping, ensuring longevity.Hype’s Revolving Straight Bar is a convenient way to achieve muscle strength goals. Increase strength and power. Helping to enhance muscle definition and improve performance, suitable for home or gym use.

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