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CNP Professional Pro HMB(Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate) is a metabolite of the essential amino acid Leucine, which plays a key role in protein synthesis.
This product helps to reduce muscle breakdown and is more effective than Leucine, when used for this purpose.
It has been formulated to reducing muscle wasting, especially during periods where muscle atrophy is accelerated and may also still be effective on athletes following restricted diets.
HMB can produced from the protein in our diet and is also found in small quantities of some foods. However, it can be difficult to obtain enough levels of this in our daily nutrition, making supplementation an ideal and simple solution.
HMB can be used to protect and build healthy muscle tissue, making these an effective muscle support supplement. Great to be taken before and after training to reduce muscle breakdown.
HMB provides 1500mg of HMB per capsule. HMB tends to be most effective in the dosage range of 1-3g daily in order to help minimise muscle mass loss and reduce the rate of muscle breakdown.
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