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The DNA Health Testosterone Test, does exactly what it says; this is a Testosterone Test kit designed to help you test your own testosterone levels within your body.
The DNA Testosterone Test is designed to help improve your muscle building capabilities, by testing testosterone levels in saliva, it enables you to determine and detect hormone imbalances.
DNA Testosterone Test can even highlight symptoms that may be relate to the male andropause, which is the male equivalent to the female menopause, as well as detecting imbalanced testosterone levels in woman.The results will highlight your testosterone levels and your ability to synthesis Amino Acids to muscle mass, key to healthy muscle build and will highlight what you need to do to improve your testosterone levels.Improved testosterone levels can have a range of beneficial effects to your body; it can assist fat burning in stubborn areas; assisting in weight loss goals, increase libido, improving sex drive, as well as helping to improve muscle and strength gains.The DNA Heath Testosterone Test is ideal for those wanting help with fat- loss and strength gains, no one result is the same, and DNA’s Medical Director and Doctor will personally give you feedback.

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