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Recovermax is a unique post-exercise recovery drink that's been formulated using the latest sports science to enhance muscle gylcogen replenishment and muscle repair following a training session, game, event or intense physical challenge. A refreshing drink available as 'smooth' orange or a 'fruity' strawberry flavour, it provides the carbs, protein, electrolytes and glutamine to replenish and restore when your body needs it most. This fast-acting blend takes advantage of post-exercise physiology to kick-start your recovery and get you back in peak condition fast. Each serving contains 55g of easy digested carbohydrates, serving to help meet the 1g per kg/body weight, recommended in research after exercise. Few competitor recovery drinks provide as much carbohydrate, to help support glycogen replenishment and recovery - to ensure you are fit and ready at each and every training session.

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