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What is Reflex Nutrition Build?With plant-based diets growing in popularity, theres a demand for supplements that echo vegan principles. This lifestyle choice could stem from ethical views; it could also be due to health reasons. An intolerance to lactose, for instance, can make whey-based formulae unsuitable. With this in mind, Reflex Nutrition developed Build: a blend of protein and carbohydrates thats dairy-free, and designed to support muscle growth/repair. Since 1996, Reflex Nutrition have strived to achieve nothing but the best in every category of nutritional supplements. Their passion for the industry is evident; they virtually live and breathe their craft, bringing scientific research, expert knowledge and perfectionism to the table. Build is centred on pea protein a superior quality plant protein that contains a full spectrum of amino acids. Thus, its classed as complete, putting it on a par with whey (and other animal proteins). Reflex Nutrition have sourced theirs from a French yellow pea crop thats highly sustainable, environmentally friendly and GMO-free. Its grown without the application of nitrogen fertiliser, and produced through a water filtration process, thereby removing the need for chemicals or alcohol. Pea protein is rich in the branched-chain sub-trio l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine, which assist the recovery of working muscles. It also delivers arginine a potent precursor to nitric oxide (NO) which works to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation and the supply of oxygen/nutrients. Adding to its advantages, pea protein is easily digestible. Oat flour provides sustenance, fuelling your workouts and helping to restore muscle glycogen; its also high in fibre, keeping you sated for longer. Build is sweetened naturally with steviol glycosides, and features added digestive enzymes to promote healthy gut function. A clean nutritional profile, Build delivers an equal ratio of around 54g protein/carbs, along with key micronutrients including vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium. A notably smooth texture and taste makes for versatile use. What makes its formula special?● Contains pea protein sourced from a sustainable crop thats grown without nitrogen fertiliser and chemicals, and is GMO-free● Pea protein offers a full spectrum of amino acids ● Delivers protein and carbs in an equal ratio (around 54g respectively) ● Promotes muscle recovery ● Helps to sustain muscle glycogen● High in fibre● Features beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes● Sweetened with natural, zero calorie stevia ● Has a smooth texture and taste ● Geared towards vegans or those with specific allergies, e.g. milk protein or lactose How can Reflex Nutrition Build help me reach my goals?Whey forms the basis of most recovery products, but what if avoiding it were a necessity (or an informed choice)? Build tackles this issue by providing balanced nutrition thats plant-powered! Gaining muscle mass is a tricky balancing act; a high intake of refined carbs is not recommended but skimping on calories can stunt your progress. Alongside a sound nutrition and training programme, Build contributes to muscle development and increased size. A comprehensive recovery product, Build will benefit your progress as well as the environment!Who is Reflex Nutrition Build suitable for?● Men and women looking for a clean, nutritionally balanced supplement to help them put on size ● Anyone wishing to avoid animal sources of protein due to ethical or health reasons

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