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What are Efectiv Protein Chips?Protein is a vital aspect of nutrition especially for active individuals. It plays a key a role in muscle development, and so factoring it into your snacks is one way to help you increase your intake. Efectiv Protein Chips are tasty baked bites, made with protein and carefully selected seasonings; add a balanced, nutritious spin on your favourite, savoury treat!Protein Chips are low in carbs/sugar and fat (and thus, calories), helping you to stay on track to reaching your goals. They have an authentic, crispy texture, and contain a quality blend of whey and soya protein, boosting nutritional value. Enjoy Protein Chips after training to support muscle repair and help to replace the sodium lost through increased perspiration. Of course, you can tuck into a packet at any other time of day, when a snack stop is required! Whats makes its formula special?|| Every bag delivers 20g of quality whey and soya protein to assist muscle recovery.|| Baked to perfection, and seasoned with carefully selected herbs and spices. || Low in carbs/sugar: just over 10g per serving.|| A healthier alternative to regular crisps. || Multipacks allow you to plan your snacks; you can keep packet in your gym bag, car, at work etc.|| Available in a range of delicious flavours. How can Efectiv Protein Chips help me reach my goals?Having balanced snacking options to hand can be an asset to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you train regularly, its recommended that you choose foods high in protein, to aid muscle function. Additionally, research shows that protein can help to increase satiety levels an important aspect of any weight control program. Protein Chips are suitable for fitness enthusiasts looking to reach their recommended intake of protein the muscle-building nutrient minus excess carbs/calories. With Protein Chips, you have the ideal, guilt-free snack or treat on hand when you need it! Who are Efectiv Protein Chips suitable for?|| Fitness enthusiasts looking for a healthy snacking option thats supportive of their fitness objectives. || Those who have a penchant for savoury goodies, but want a cleaner alternative!|| Anyone following a low-carb eating diet either as part of a weight management programme, or in the run-up to competition. || Those working towards a healthier lifestyle.

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